Mixed Planters

When you buy a floral bouquet, the flowers are cut and will eventually need to be disposed of. For people who prefer live plants, our green plants make a great alternative. When people order plants online from Schulz'S Florist, they are buying plants that are hearty and healthy. Because they are alive, they will be around for years to come, provided they receive the proper amount of sunlight or shade, are watered correctly, and are otherwise properly cared for. This makes them a wonderful gift for eco-friendly individuals and for people who enjoy caring for plants. Our potted indoor plants may even be re-potted in the future to encourage growth.

Indoor green plants also make great gifts for people who are typically allergic to cut flowers or for people who may not fully appreciate the colorful beauty of a flower arrangement. A plant also makes for a good housewarming gift whether moving into a new home, apartment, or dorm room. A verdant and healthy plant also makes a thoughtful gift for someone who is ill or feeling under the weather. The plants sold on our site vary in type and size. Although our available inventory does not remain static, we may carry plants such as a potted corn plant, ficus tree, or bromeliads. We also offer dish gardens that are made of a variety of plants and are often placed in an attractive basket.

Our plants start at 40.00 in a 6" pot. Please call 502-635-8787 to place an order.


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